Grid Generation

The Loci-Stream software is strictly a solver, so it does not include a grid generator. There are several excellent commercial grid generation packages available. The Trelis mesh generation software handles 2D and 3D meshes with complex geometry, and supports an output format that is immediately usable within Loci-Stream.

Commercial Grid Generators

The commercial grid generators often export to many commonly used mesh formats. Loci-Stream can use grids that are in the following formats: cgns, ugrid, plot3d, fluent, ccm. From a user perspective, the cgns and ugrid formats are used commonly by Loci-Stream users.

Free options for grid generation also exist, and a few options are shown below.

Free/Open Source Grid Generators

A popular method to generate meshes is to:

  1. Use a CAD program to generate geometry
  2. Export to IGES format
  3. Import IGES file to SolidMesh
  4. Mark boundaries using SolidMesh
  5. Create surface mesh on geometry using SolidMesh
  6. Take surface mesh and generate volume mesh using AFLR3D