No matter what your expertise or commitment level is, we have options available to serve your simulation needs.


CFD Software License

For users who have expertise in CFD and computer hardware, we offer a license for the software that is not locked to the number of processors used. Many parallel codes require additional licensing fees to unlock the ability to run on larger numbers of cores. The only computing limitation that users of Loci-Stream face is the size of the machine that a user can get access to. By establishing a licensing structure for Loci-Stream which is independent of machine hardware, we provide an environment for CFD/heat-transfer computations at a fraction of the cost of currently existing proprietary commercial capabilities.  This opens the door to high-performance CFD to companies which would otherwise be unable to afford such technology.

Extending/Customizing Software

If you have particular models that you want to use in Loci-Stream, we will work with you to integrate them directly into Loci-Stream in the form of proprietary modules which plug into the code at runtime. For example, if you have a unique model that was developed in-house, we can integrate it into Loci-Stream in a manner that allows only you to utilize the added capability. We can also customize the output of Loci-Stream to allow for it to be integrated into an external multi-physics software chain. The code is structured in a way that allows for rapid development in the form of plugins that can be interfaced to Loci-Stream.

Consulting Solutions

We offer direct CFD project assistance if you are a small company that does not want to invest heavily in CFD expertise and hardware. Project assistance includes quality mesh generation, simulations performed for moderately-sized problems, and post-processing of simulation data.

Research and Development

Streamline Numerics, Inc. has decades of experience in research and development for government, university, and commercial partners.