Loci-Stream Pricing Details


The field of computational fluid dynamics is opaque when it comes to pricing. There is a reticence to publish prices directly on a webpage. We're sure that there are a multitude of reasons that companies will give for not making their pricing public, but in the end the consumer pays the price. 


Installing Docker for Windows

Windows 10 users should first follow the instructions to download and install Docker for Windows. If you get a message that Docker cannot run because you are not in the docker-group, please restart your computer. This usually will resolve the issue that generates the error.

Installing Loci-Stream with Docker

Contact us to receive the official Docker image distributable for Loci-Stream. This will be an archive file of a directory that contains the Loci-Stream Docker image as well as two Windows batch files that will install the image and run it. 

  1. Unzip the file that you have downloaded to a location where you would like to store the build of Loci-Stream
  2. Go to the search bar in windows and type 'Command Prompt' & select the command prompt app.
  3. Navigate to where you unzipped the installation directory using standard Windows terminal commands.
    • dir-> lists the contents of the current directory
    • cd -> shows the current location in the directory structure when not given any paths
    • cd <path> -> changes directory to the listed path
  4. Use the command 'docker load <  [locistream.tar] '  to load the Loci-Stream image. Use the actual name of the .tar file in the directory and don't include the [].
  5. In the same terminal window type the name of the install script and press enter.
  6. Finally type the name of the start script and press enter. If the terminal hangs e.g. nothing seems to happen, just press enter twice.